Information Technology Services; Consult, Do and Support IT projects

Our Services

IT Support & Training

We can support IT needs and do tasks and jobs locally or remotely. Also we can train employees to use systems in best way.

Network & Infrastructure

We design, implement and maintain LAN, WAN and WLAN networks. We configure routers, switches and other devices in any vendor like Cisco, Mikrotik, UBNT and etc. We can fulfill all passive and active needs. also we can provide a virtual infrastructure to use resources in an effective way. VMware Esxi, Citrix and KVM are our virtualization solutions. Also we provide communication solutions like VoIP(Voice Over IP) or Skype for business. We provide different network services like: QoS and traffic shaping, Virtual private network, high availability, load balancing, LDAP, active directory and etc.


We can develope Windows, Linux or cross-platform softwares. Our programming services are Android and iOS App development – Website development – API development – Web App development – Scripting – Software Testing and etc.


We provide different cyber security best practices to make sure you are secure enough. Our security services are: SOC, SIEM, blue teaming, system and device hardening, Antivirus, firewall, IDS/IPS and etc. Also we provide Penetration testing and red teaming services.


Network devices, servers and services should be monitored for many reasons. We help to be aware of your IT infrastructure performance any time. It helps to prevent further problems. We provide different monitoring tools like: Zabbix, Cacti, PRTG, Solarwinds and etc.

Backup & Storage

Data are most important part of a business. We provide different storage technologies to save your data securely, like: SAN, NAS, RAID and etc. also we provide backup plan and disaster recovery solutions.


‌We can create any kind of website for you, like: personal blog, online shop, online gallery, online portfolio and etc. Also we can administrate, customize and improve your current website. We help websites to improve SEO metrics and get a better SEO score. We help you analyze reports of Google Analytics and other services easily. Also we provide data entry services.

About us

ITTSC proud to have an IT team that includes some of the most creative, dedicated and experienced engineers in different IT field. We are equally proud to live by a business model that is founded on trust. Trust among our team members and our customers. To put it simply, we say what we do, and do what we say.